Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Awesome Movies A to Z: The Answers

Thanks to those of you who took a shot at yesterday's quiz. I'm declaring Gordon the winner, as he was the first to respond and came up with 14 correct answers. Congratulations! You win a sense of accomplishment. Richard Marcej got 15, but he responded after Gordon and duplicated (not intentionally, I'm sure) many of his answers, so very nice runner-up effort there.

Below are the letters with the movies they correspond to. Click on the letters to see the full movie posters from which I copied them (and sometimes primitively edited them to disguise their origin). Since no one guessed L or S, you'll just have to click on those letters to see the answers for yourselves (and probably also see why nobody guessed them, due to my sub-par primitive disguising).

Thanks for playing along! I've got a similar comic book logo quiz planned for next week, so don't miss it.

Apocalypse Now

Blazing Saddles



The Exorcist

Fast Times at Ridgemont High



The Incredibles


Kill Bill

McCabe & Mrs. Miller

No Country for Old Men

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The Philadelphia Story

The Quiet Man


Taxi Driver



The Wild Bunch

The X Files: Fight the Future

Young Frankenstein


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