Friday, May 02, 2008

Quick Blogger Complaint

When I started this blog, I was in California, on Pacific time. Now I'm in Austin, on Central time. When I write a post, the timestamp on it is still Pacific time. Here's my problem: if I manually change the time on the post to the accurate local time, Blogger thinks I'm postdating it, and holds off on publishing it for two hours, to match California time. (I think this is a new thing; I could swear this wasn't happening a week ago.) But if I change my account settings to Central time, Blogger wants to go back and adjust the time on all my posts ever. Which, in many cases, would actually change the date on the post, too, since I often publish late at night, between 10 PM and midnight. And I don't want that.

Here, look at this post: I'm leaving the timestamp on it as is, which means it will publish well before the post I wrote a half hour ago. I'm time traveling!

It's just irritating, is all. Felt like sharing. You're welcome.

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