Friday, April 25, 2008

Quick Battlestar question

Here's something I suddenly began wondering tonight, even though I should have been wondering it after last week's episode:

When the four of the Final Five Cylons on Galactica were activated, did it change them physically, above and beyond any mental or emotional changes it may have made? What I'm thinking about specifically was the end of last week's episode, when Tory smacks Cally, and she flies across the room. Tory wouldn't have been able to do that before she was activated, would she? I mean, that would be something a person would notice, having super strength and all. "Oh, no, I swatted a fly and accidentally punched a hole in the wall again. Clumsy me."

Was she formerly programmed to repress her strength, or did her body only gain that strength after she was activated? And if the former, wouldn't her body's power have been noticeable in other ways, such as unnatural resistance to injury?

One to ponder. Okay, time to finish the rest of tonight's episode.

Oh, one more thing. Here's something I discovered today: at the Alamo Drafthouse nearest me, there's going to be a free midnight showing every Friday of the previous week's BSG episode, for the entirety of the final season. I'm not going tonight, but I think I will next week, just to check it out. How much fun would that be, watching the show in a theater full of other fans, eating popcorn and drinking beer? Answer: a lot of fun, is my guess. (Also in my "must check it out" file: free screenings of Lost episodes on Thursdays.)

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