Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grove Street 4 Life

In recognition of yesterday's release of Grand Theft Auto IV, I have once again gone back to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in an effort to finally, finally finish it. I've made it to the final, riot-filled missions, so I'm almost there! Well, I'm almost to the end of the main story, that is; I've still got less than 50% of the whole game completed, what with the races and hidden items and special jumps and photo opportunities and graffiti tags and whatnot remaining.

My point is, I'm gonna be working on that for a while, which is about the best (read: saddest) reason I've ever had for not posting here much. I know you understand.

Speaking of GTA IV, has there ever been a better-reviewed game? I spent a lot of time reading through various reviews on the net yesterday, and they're all superlative in the extreme, 10 out of 10 or five stars or A+ or whatever way that particular reviewer expresses "best of the best." This is a real console-seller of a game -- I know, because I now desperately want a Playstation 3! Sadly, four hundred bucks is still out of my range. Maybe by my birthday in August!

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