Monday, April 21, 2008

Sandcastles in the Sand

SPOILERS for tonight's How I Met Your Mother. How weird is it to have spoilers for a sitcom post? Anyhoo.

Hopefully, the full video will be posted on YouTube soon, but for now, here's a snippet of the new, wonderfully awful Robin Sparkles video from the latest HIMYM:

As for the rest of the episode: WHOA. I think we all expected they'd be heading there eventually (I know I did). I just didn't think they'd be in such a rush to get there. But dang if Robin and Barney didn't hook up!

I appreciated the fakeout before Robin showed Barney her second Robin Sparkles video -- the suggestiveness of Robin's invitation, the double entendres, everything suggesting that Barney and Robin were actually going to do it, when of course we knew they were not. And the show backed away from it like it always does, revealing that no, they weren't going to do anything naughty, they were just going to watch a videotape.

And then: pow! They go for it! I did not expect that. The show fooled me by telegraphing the fakeout, then sneaking in the real twist at the last second. Well played, show, well played.

Now, where do they go from here? Does it stop at the makeout session, or do they "go all the way," as Robin Sparkles might sing? Do they instantly regret it, or keep it going? How long before the rest of the gang finds out? I have to say, I'm genuinely keen to see what happens. I really dig these characters, and this potential relationship, and I really, really dig this program. I swear, I'm loving it more every week.

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