Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Molly Erdman

I have developed a weird little crush on the woman in the husband-and-wife commercials for Sonic.

If you don't have a Sonic in your area -- and really, where isn't there a Sonic anymore? -- here's a sampling:

I'm not really attempting to explain or justify this crush on a random snarky woman in some fast food commercials. Just stating the facts. Also, I really don't like the word "snarky," and I apologize for exposing you to it.

Anyway, Google, the stalker's buddy, has led me to discover that this actress is named Molly Erdman. And it turns out she's been keeping a blog for over three years now. It's pretty entertaining. She was in Second City! This is her:

It ain't stalking if you don't try to find her address.

And here's an interesting tidbit for How I Met Your Mother fans: she recently auditioned for a part on the show, then discovered she had been beaten out for the role. By whom, you ask? Britney Spears.

Ouch. Frankly, I'd rather have seen Erdman in the role, despite the ratings bump Britney achieved. Oh well.

Speaking of which, did you see Britney is returning to HIMYM? Hope Sarah Chalke also reappears, to lessen the sting.

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