Thursday, April 24, 2008

And Now It's Sad

Welcome to a new feature on Tom the Dog's You Know What I Like?, which I call, "And Now It's Sad." The premise, as you'll see, is fairly self-evident. The introductory topic:


'We rob banks!'
Bonnie and Clyde
A landmark film which practically reinvented American cinema. Her iconic role as notorious outlaw Bonnie Parker catapulted Dunaway to stardom and earned her her first Oscar nomination.

She has a nice cameo in the Pierce Brosnan remake, too.
The Thomas Crown Affair
Dunaway scorched the screen and cemented her status as the intellectual's movie siren: her most erotic scene is played over a game of chess.

'Greatest bath I ever had in my life.'
Little Big Man
I'm just now watching this film for the first time, and it's fantastic, and stunningly bizarre. Also stunning: Dunaway, as a Bible thumper aching to give in to her savage desires.

Seriously: so, so great.
I've often called this the best film ever made. Dunaway is brilliant as the deceptive femme fatale with a dark secret. Her second Oscar nomination.

Who's prettier?
Three Days of the Condor
Dunaway earned her fourth Golden Globe nomination in this smart and thrilling film channeling the paranoia of the Nixon era.

'I'm Diana Christensen, a racist lackey of the imperialist ruling circles.'
Dunaway finally won her Oscar in this influential and powerful indictment of the news business, which resonates with cutting truth to this very day.

You must read HOLLYWOOD, Bukowski's thinly-veiled fictionalization of the making of this film.
Another Golden Globe nomination for Dunaway's brave performance in this down and dirty, totally unglamorous, brutally frank depiction of two souls wallowing in the depths of alcoholism.

I recently watched the first ten minutes of this piece of garbage on Showtime. That was at least ten minutes too much.

And now it's sad.

I would also accept for the final spot:


Beverly Hills Madam

The Temp

Dunston Checks In

...and I will allow arguments for Mommie Dearest.

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