Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lyrics Quiz Update

All 20 lyrics have now been correctly guessed! Well done, people! Especially Scott Tacktill and ArizonaTeach, whom I discovered had nailed the last two answers for #7 and #11 just before I was about to give up and post the answers myself.

Well played, all, but special congratulations to Johnny Bacardi, who reigned triumphant with five correct answers! Impressive. Most impressive.

Next time I do this (and I will do it again, sometime -- I really enjoyed it), I'll have to give a little advance warning, so everyone's aware when to check in and play along. Probably it'll be on the weekend, since leaving the entry un-updated as the correct answers rolled in while I was at work was kind of lame.

Meanwhile, I watched the Britney Spears episode of How I Met Your Mother, and it was surprisingly not completely awful. I didn't know Sarah Chalke was also going to be in the episode, and I adore her, so that helped. But Britney played her minor role well enough, and even got a big laugh from me in her final exchange with Barney (though by no means was she good by the standards of actual actors), and the writers used her wisely, downplaying the flashiness of her appearance by casting her in a non-flashy supporting role. And the rest of the episode was decent, with the best moments coming courtesy of Barney's tricking Ted into growing a mustache (loved the assist from Robin on that one; those two really work well together. Robin and Barney have to hook up sometime soon, don't you think?), and Marshall's forecast of his lunch ten weeks into the future ("Sloppy Joe, shrimp cocktail, milkshake").

Looks like the Britney gimmick worked: another solid ratings performance for this episode. I'm gonna call it early: I think a fourth season is in the bag. Huzzah!

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