Saturday, April 19, 2008

This is what I do when I'm on hold


I call this one 'Snail Bowling Ball Machete Ox'

I can do a much better Garfield. This was a rush job.

The Kubert-esque five o'clock shadow shading didn't translate well in the scan, sadly.

There very clearly is something wrong with me.

Meanwhile, don't forget my second Lyrics Quiz is still under way. There are five lyrics left to guess. Don't give up yet! In fact, I fully expect Roger to guess #3 as soon as he sees it. Same for Ian and #4. As for the others, let's see... #7 is an early solo song from an Oscar nominated songwriter who was in a band that scored one-hit wonder status in the '80s. #13 is from one of the most popular artists on the list, but it's from a lesser-known song off a recent, lesser-known (but awesome) album. And #16... no hint! Somebody should get that one!

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