Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another entry in the "Austin is awesome" file

Last night I went to Stars Across Texas, a huge food and wine festival in the Grand Ballroom of the Austin Hilton. An incredibly fancy, exclusive, and expensive event (for which I happened into a complementary pair of tickets for my buddy and I) all about eating and drinking to your content and beyond. Row after row of tables from the best restaurants and wineries in Texas and elsewhere, with samples of their finest wares to enjoy. I had, like, 40 tastes of the most scrumptious food I've ever eaten in my life -- Kobe beef, crab salad, brisket that almost made me cry with joy, ribs, a ridiculously delicious apple and bacon biscuit (who knew those were two great tastes that would taste great together?), rabbit, even whale! And those were just the entrees. I also pigged out on desserts, never fear. There were three chocolatiers on hand. Three chocolatiers! I didn't even know that was a thing to be until yesterday, and now I realize how paltry and poor my life prior to that point must have been. And then there was the wine, O! the wine. Heavenly. Don't worry, I was responsible, and limited myself to only 80 glasses. Plus there were samples of tequila, whiskey, rum, and a variety of liqueurs to boot. I was one happy drunk, stuffed to the rafters with ambrosia.

After that, my buddy and I met another friend and some lovely ladies at another fancy, exclusive, and expensive locale, the hot spot night club Qua, at which I danced on top of a swimming pool filled with sharks. I kid you not:

Dancing with beautiful women + sharks = AWESOME.


You may all be getting sick of me saying this, but I must again reiterate: Austin is frickin' awesome. That was one of the greatest evenings on the town I have ever experienced.

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