Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Night of Too Few Laughs

Having now finished watching Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars, which was an evening of mediocre entertainment at best, I have a few more random thoughts:

--What happened to Kristen Bell? She was listed in the credits, but I never saw her. Was she answering the phones at some point? Or was she one of the people singing the musical number at the top of the show? Maybe she was the short blond woman on the right whom I had taken for Amy Poehler. I'll have to double check.

--I got a weird kick out of the fact that two of the biggest stars to have gained their first real fame via The Daily Show launching pad, Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell, couldn't be troubled to show up in person. Though both of their remote bits were pretty funny, I have to admit, with Carell's guzzling gin & tonics and shoveling cake into his mouth being a highlight of the show.

--Oven mitts and ski masks as gifts for donors? Really? Even as a gag, that's incredibly lame.

--The only real "surprise" appearance of the night --as in, from someone not listed in the credits -- was Jerry Stiller. Weak.

--Man, I wish I were an executive at White Castle!

Well, for $100,000, you can hold my boob from now till Sunday!

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