Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Merv Griffin's Crosswords follow-up

Hey! Following up on my post about Merv Griffin's Crosswords: I got on the show! It taped today, and will air sometime in the future, probably at least two months down the line. They'll call me when it's going to air, and I'll let you know here.

Well, maybe I'll let you know. I'm not supposed to reveal the outcome, so let me try to put this in code for you: I'm not saying whether I won or lost, but what happened to me does not rhyme with, "I won." Say no more!

I'll tell you what: I had a blast being there, and having the experience. I'm honestly, and surprisingly, not all that disappointed. Everybody who works on the show was incredibly cool and friendly and the atmosphere was somehow simultaneously exciting and relaxing. It's an incredibly fun and challenging game, and I'm glad to have been a part of it. I wish I'd done better, but I'm not kicking myself over it. (As opposed to 1 Vs. 100; I still wake up in a cold sweat about once a week, screaming "Why didn't I pick answer C???" That will haunt me to the day I die.)

Anywho. I urge you to try out for the show, even if you're a little camera shy. The best thing about the show is that they don't waste a lot of time talking to the damn contestants, getting them to tell stories about their lives and whatnot. Here's how it works with the two opening round contestants: "This is Joe Schmoe, from Idaho. Joe, I hear you ran three marathons this year." "Yep, one in L.A., one in Oregon, and one in San Francisco." "All right, let's play the game!" Quick and easy. And the three "spoiler" contestants don't have to talk to the host at all!

And if you hate game shows these days because they're so damn slow, taking ten minutes to ask one question -- Crosswords is nothing like that. It's the fastest game show on TV, by a mile. Clue, answer, done. Clue, answer, done. Takes about ten seconds for each question. It's awesome. So be sure to tune in. Keep the show on TV until my episode airs!

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