Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Way to stay focused

It's not funny because it's true.

Excerpt from today's Overcompensating.

Remember those few weeks after 9/11? Remember when we were all unwaveringly united in our fear and grief, and more than anything else in the universe we agreed that we had to bring the man responsible for it all to justice?

Yeah, that was six years ago. No justice. Nobody in power who even seems to pretend anymore that that justice is worth pursuing. And with each passing year, it has become more evident that Osama bin Laden succeeded beyond his wildest dreams in destroying America. The America today is not the one I grew up in, it's not the one I loved and respected. And it's not because some buildings were demolished. It's because those demolished buildings gave our vile, corrupt government an excuse to warp and defile America in their name.

Happy Patriot Day.

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