Monday, September 17, 2007

Robert Jordan

Author Robert Jordan died yesterday.

Jordan, creator of the mammoth Wheel of Time series, was one of my favorite fantasy writers ever, right up there with Tolkien. But I haven't read a book by him in almost a decade. I decided when Book 8 of WoT was released, in 1998, that I was sick of his stalling -- Books 6 and 7 were meandering space-fillers, doing little to nothing to advance the plot that had been so exciting, or develop the characters that I had come to love so much. I decided I would wait until he finished the series once and for all, and then read the whole thing through from beginning to end, rather than absorbing one 800-page tome every couple years or so.

Well, I guess I can get started reading. The 12th, and allegedly final volume of WoT, was left unfinished. That saddens me, and angers me at the same time. A lot of frustrated readers will probably agree with me: Jordan could've wrapped this series up three or four books ago. Now we'll never get to see the ending -- the true ending, anyway; I'm sure someone will eventually finish the book for him, for better or worse.

Note to George R.R. Martin: get off your ass and finish A Song of Ice and Fire before the same thing happens to you!

Ah, well. Rest in peace, Robert Jordan. At least now I know what my reading project will be after I finish 2007's Kurt Vonnegut Project.

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