Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emmys Pre-Show

A few quick notes:

--When host Mark What's-His-Face was speaking to Steve Carell, he segued to hostess Lara Whatever-Her-Name-Is by saying, "I believe you're with one of Steve's co-stars?" No, no she wasn't. She was with Joely Fisher, not Jenna Fischer. Close! Dumbass.

--Do people still think Eva Longoria is, like, the hottest thing ever? Anyone still think that? 'Cause I have to say: not so much. She's okay. She's nothing special. Please stop talking about her. (That would probably necessitate that she stop talking about herself first, and that'll never happen.)

--Kudos to cleavage! Jane Krakowski, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Marcia Cross, and most spectacularly, the aforementioned Joely Fisher. Holy crow, she is looking hot. Although that dress has to be providing her entire upper body a nice cool breeze.

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