Monday, November 14, 2005


I'm starting writing this post with no idea what to write about, simply because I feel like I should write something this morning. Hmm....

Okay, I could mention something about Smallville I probably should've mentioned a month ago. What happened to Jason Teague? You know, Lana's tool boyfriend who turned out to be evil? In last season's finale, he was holding Ma and Pa Kent hostage at gunpoint when the meteor shower struck, destroying the Kent farmhouse. (Speaking of which, they sure rebuilt that thing in record time.) In this year's season premiere -- no Jason. Was he killed? Did he escape? Who knows? I believe Lionel briefly mentioned Jason's mother, played by Jane Seymour, who had been murdered by Lana (while she was possessed by evil spirits or something, which seems to happen every other week), but nobody said a single word about Jason. Not that I care what happened to him: good riddance, I say. I just find it curious no one on the show cares, either.

Freddie was picked up for a whole season on the same day Arrested Development's episode order was cut in half, effectively marking the show's cancellation. Why are you so stupid, America? Why???

Thanks to those of you who told me the "Boot to the head" sketch I had always believed to have been from an early Kids in the Hall episode was actually created by a different Canadian sketch troupe, the Frantics. Although I can not imagine where I would've seen that sketch. I'm not Canadian. I've never watched Canadian TV. Why would I have seen an episode of the Frantics' TV show, Four on the Floor? I know I saw it (I definitely saw it, as opposed to listening to it on one of their albums or on the Dr. Demento show) in the late 80s -- was some American TV channel rebroadcasting this Canadian show back then? I'm baffled. No matter: I simply need to see that sketch again somehow. (The sketch involved the reading of the will of what was apparently a very bitter and eccentric old man; instead of money or property or possessions, he left each of his relatives a boot to the head. Which they received, in sudden and hilarious fashion.)

As if this weren't obscure enough already: does anyone remember the Funny Boys? They were a comedy duo from the 80s, made up of this guy (who writes for Arrested Development these days... or did, I guess) and this guy (whose most familiar onscreen role is probably as the snooty maitre'd in Ferris Bueller's Day Off). I remember them having a TV series, but perhaps it was only a one-time special -- either way, it's not listed in IMDb. Most likely it aired around the time Double Trouble was on the air, because they were both supporting castmembers on that show. (Which brings us to the question: who remembers Double Trouble? Twin redhead sisters? One's smart, the other's flighty? Anyone? Bueller?)

I remember the Funny Boys specifically for one sketch, and I only remember one thing from that sketch: "Potatoes!" It was something about the Irish and the potato famine and who knows what, but mostly it was just them saying, over and over, in this absurd mockery of an Irish accent, "Potatoes! Puh-taaaaaay-toes!!" My friends at school and I would crack each other up for weeks afterward just by saying that one word. (Which shows just how sophisticated we were.)

Wow, I went so obscure I think I alienated myself. Maybe tomorrow I'll write something with a coherent plan in mind. Or not. After all, why should I start now?

EDITED to add:

Double Trouble

Stars of Double Trouble Jean & Liz Sagal, younger sisters to Katey "Peg Bundy" (or "Leela," depending on your percentage of nerdiness) Sagal.

Cute! But man, check out that skinny leather tie! The 80s were weird.

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