Wednesday, November 09, 2005

COMICS: Wed. 11/9/05

I haven't posted a regular weekly comics entry here for a long time. Don't have much to post about today, either. My haul was only three comics: The Walking Dead, Y: The Last Man, and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2, aka part 4 of that stupid "The Other" crossover event. We're four issues into this thing, maybe something will actually happen this time, instead of the issue ending with everyone giving each other mournful silent glances regarding Peter's still unrevealed ailment -- again. But I'm not betting on it.

Why am I following this stupid thing? Actually, I know why: once this crossover is finished, and Peter David takes over the regular writing chores on FNS-M, I expect it will become a very entertaining title. And I don't want to start out in a hole, having missed the lead-in storyline, even if it means having to buy other Spider titles by other Spider writers I don't normally follow. Marvel couldn't get me with House of M, but they've gotten me with this one. Damn you, Marvel!!

More later, if I can find the time to read these books today.

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