Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sidebar Update

Evangeline Lilly is such an obvious, uninspired choice for the Object of My Affection. And yet -- what, am I supposed to deny that she's smokin' hot just because every other nerd in America lusts after her, too? I don't think so, buddy!

Bad Religion's The Gray Race is probably my second favorite of their albums, but I haven't owned it for a long while. Picked up a used copy this week, and it is rocking my face. (Although it amuses me no end that the guitar intros to the first two songs are exactly -- and I mean exactly -- identical. Geez, guys, at least put a song in between them!) I was tempted to use a line from one of its many awesome tracks for Lyric of the Week (most likely from "Come Join Us"), but I guess that'll have to wait, because the Matthew Sweet lyric was just too damn apt for me to pass up. (The chorus goes, "Evangeline, Evangeline/I think I love you/But Evangeline, Evangeline/I want you" -- which is a little too on the nose, don't you think?)

Also picked up a used copy of the season 1 DVD of Kids in the Hall. I'm confused -- I though I would be getting the episodes from HBO, and it looks like these episodes might start after their move to CBS. It's hard to tell; it's been a long time. I really, really need to have the "boot to the head" sketch, which I thought was in the premiere episode on HBO, but I haven't found it yet.

"Hating" was easy. DAMN YOU FOX!! DAMN YOUR EYES!!! But I did find something interesting on the official website: click on "Features," then "In Case You Missed It." It's an episode-by-episode listing of some of the more obscure or easy-to-miss lines and sight gags. Good fun. For example, did you notice that Steve Holt's mother is named Eve Holt? And her yearbook quote: "Eve Holt!"

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