Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall 2007 TV: The Complete List

Here's the complete list of new shows debuting on the major networks this Fall, along with their scheduled premiere dates. I'll be adding a link to this list to the sidebar for easy reference, under "TOM'S FALL 2007 TV SEASON REVIEWS," to go along with the lists from 2005 and 2006.

For each network below, I've linked to my Unfair Previews of that network's lineup. Let's see if my snap judgments as to the overall awfulness of the Fall lineup were as accurate as I fear they were.

As I review each new show, I'll link to that review from this main list. You can see I've eliminated a few shows from consideration, either because they fall under reality programming, which I don't watch, or they look really, really frickin' awful, and even I have my limits (hint: Gossip Girl, Private Practice).


Big Shots -- Sept. 27
Carpoolers -- Oct. 2
Cavemen -- Oct. 2
Dirty Sexy Money -- Sept. 26
Private Practice -- Sept. 26 (no way in hell)
Pushing Daisies -- Oct. 3
Samantha Who? (formerly Sam I Am) -- Oct. 15
Women's Murder Club -- Oct. 12


The Big Bang Theory -- Sept. 24
Cane -- Sept. 25
Kid Nation -- Sept. 19 (no reality shows!)
Moonlight -- Sept. 28
Viva Laughlin -- Oct. 21

The CW

Aliens in America -- Oct. 11
CW Now -- Sept. 23 (I already vowed never to watch it)
Gossip Girl -- Sept. 19 (no way in hell)
Life Is Wild -- Oct. 7
Online Nation -- Sept. 23 (see CW Now)
Reaper -- Sept. 25


Back To You -- Sept. 19
Kitchen Nightmares -- Sept. 19 (no reality shows!)
K-Ville -- Sept. 17
Nashville -- Sept. 14 (no reality shows!)
New Amsterdam (postponed to midseason)
The Search for the Next Great American Band -- Oct. 19 (no reality shows!)


Bionic Woman -- Sept. 26
Chuck -- Sept. 24
Journeyman -- Sept. 24
Life -- Sept. 26

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