Monday, April 07, 2008

The Dark Tower

I've moved on to the final book of the Dark Tower series, Book 7: The Dark Tower. The sidebar has been updated to reflect this. I enjoyed Book 6, Song of Susannah, more I think than I did on the initial reading, four or so years ago. And I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into Book 7, which promises a righteously brutal battle to kick things off.

I have to briefly acknowledge last year's Tower blogslinging of Sean Collins, which has helped refresh my memories of the series, and reinforce the fact that even when the story is at its most tedious, something unbelievably, thrillingly awesome is always just around the corner, ready to totally draw you back in again. I have high hopes for Book 7, and I hope other Tower fans will be inspired to give their two cents as I get closer to the end of it all. Remember the faces of your fathers!

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