Monday, March 31, 2008

In case you don't have TiVo

On tonight's How I Met Your Mother, as Barney tries to determine which of his former conquests is trying to destroy him, a series of beautiful women flashes across the screen. If you're paying attention, you can see one of them isn't quite like the others, but unless you have TiVo and can go through it frame-by-frame, you probably can't tell exactly what you just saw.

Well, I have TiVo. (Okay, I have a non-TiVo DVR, but I like saying "TiVo.") And here is what you missed:

Not the exact same picture, but close enough.

Well done, Barney! Bet he's nailed Janet Reno, too.


Also also: the AV Club's Donna Bowman is my best friend. (Paragraph five.)

Also also also: someone in the Something Awful forums loves me, too. (Aside from Ian.) Thank you, Spiny Norman. Damn, who'da thunk my most linked post of the year would be the one with a picture of Madeleine Albright? Thank you, Madame Secretary!

And for the Something Awful forumer wondering why nobody was talking about the woman Ted bumped into at the St. Patrick's Day party -- I touched on it briefly here, in case you missed it. It includes the website of the actress in question, as well as a very nice photo. You're welcome.

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