Monday, March 31, 2008

Co-starring Larry the Cable Guy as Rick

Mike has alerted me to the dreadful news that Madonna wants to star in a remake of Casablanca.

I was all set to be outraged, and rant and rave about how this potential remake -- which would be updated and set in Iraq -- was a desecration, an abomination, a crime against classic filmmaking, and would ruin the original.

But then I realized, none other than Pamela Anderson has already starred in an updated version of Casablanca, and the original is still doing just fine.

Don't believe me about the Pam Anderson version? Think I'm pulling an early April Fool's prank? Well, I guess you've never seen this movie:

Don't call me babe!

I'm not kidding. Still don't believe me? Wow, you really didn't see this movie. You lucky soul, you. Anyway, check out IMDb's movie connections page. Told you!

If Casablanca can survive that, it can survive Madonna, Pauly Shore, and an atom bomb.

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