Monday, March 24, 2008


Britney Spears will guest-star on How I Met Your Mother tonight. I can't wait to see how awful it is.

Good news for you other HIMYM fans out there: last week's episode, the first new one after the strike, apparently got great ratings, going a long way toward insuring a fourth season for this tremendously funny show. Woohoo!

Also: thanks for playing along with the Lyrics Quiz yesterday! I'm definitely going to have to do it again, because I had a lot of fun with it. There are still two unguessed lyrics remaining, #7 and #11. I knew 7 would be tough -- if you don't know it instantly, you'll never get it. But 11 is from a song I'm sure you've all heard, by one of the most popular rock bands ever. I have faith someone will guess it by tomorrow (which is when I'm going to call a close to the contest and reveal any unguessed answers).

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