Sunday, September 02, 2007

Five slaps that can be doled out at any point from here to eternity


My alma mater's definitive 45-31 defeat of Tennessee, revenge for last year's humiliating loss at Tennessee's hands, was so sweet I wish I could bottle it and sprinkle it on ice cream. All credit to Tennessee, though: that was one of the most exciting college football games I've ever seen. And I'm calling it now -- Cal's DeSean Jackson will win the Heisman Trophy.

For fans of How I Met Your Mother:

Slap Bet Countdown.

This marks the exact moment the third slap in the legen-(wait for it)-dary slap bet between Marshall and Barney will be administered. Check it frequently; be prepared for the awesomeness.

In other news: I'll be on vacation next week. I should return with a new post Friday or Saturday. Please keep voting for me at I could use the increased traffic, especially since I'm about to screw my loyal readers over by taking a week off. Hey, I'll be in a beach house on the California coast! Can you blame me?

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