Saturday, March 24, 2007

1 Vs. 100, Happy Happy Joy Joy Update


Well, the first installment. Which was $4,421! And six cents. The rest of the money I made was on an episode that aired two weeks after the first one, which hopefully means I'll be getting the remaining $1,722 within a fortnight. They told me when I won that it would take 90 days after the shows aired for me to get my payments. Today is 78 days after the first episode, so: way to go, 1 Vs. 100, on promptness!

I was hoping the money would be showing up sometime soon, but this is absolutely ideal timing, I'll tell you what. I needed that cash for my big move. But I'll worry about that stuff later. For now -- DRINKS ARE ON ME!!

I mean that literally. I spilled my drink. My bad.

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