Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just a reminder

Hey, you know who's funny?

Not Carlos Mencia.

Unbelievably, Mind of Mencia is coming back for a third season next month. Watching that show is akin to watching the abomination that shall not be named. #1, it makes you a bad person, and #2, it automatically removes all validity to your opinions on television. If you like Mind of Mencia, quite simply, you are wrong, and you should be ashamed.

Here, let me phrase that in a Carlos Mencia routine:

"Carlos Mencia makes Carrot Top look like Lenny Bruce. THAT'S RIGHT!! I SAID IT!! I DON'T CARE!! LOOK AT THE WHITE DUDE IN THE FRONT ROW!! HE'S LIKE, 'WHAT?!?' I'M OUTRAGEOUS AND DANGEROUS!!! Also: beaner."

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