Friday, March 16, 2007

TV: Potpourri

I was just about to get all snippy, and claim that 1 Vs. 100 got a question wrong on last week's show (which I just watched today), but... then I decided to do some research.

The question was (I'm paraphrasing), "In Major League Baseball, which base can not be stolen by a player?" The choices were A. first base, B. third base, or C. home plate. The correct answer, as given on the show, was A.

BUT! I knew that wasn't true. Because a player can steal first base. If a third strike is called, but the catcher drops the ball, the player can then attempt to steal first base. Wrong, 1 Vs. 100!

Then, like I said, I decided to do some research. Turns out, officially, that play would be scored as a strikeout plus a passed ball. Not a stolen base.

Whoops. Sorry, 1 Vs. 100. I still love you!

Remember the other day when we were talking about swear words on TV? (Pretend you do.) In the comments, Greg mentioned how when somebody says "asshole" on TV, the "hole" is bleeped, but the "ass" is not. Which led us to surmise that "hole" was the dirty part of the word. Well, that was confirmed for me tonight. I was watching a stand-up special from Megan Mooney on Comedy Central (one of a slew of Irish comedians in prep for St. Paddy's Day; she, Paul F. Tompkins, and Kyle Dunnigan were all hilarious, but Ardal O'Hanlon actually just made a joke about how much women like to shop for shoes, so that kind of ruined it for him right there), and at one point, she said the word "a-hole." And they still bleeped "hole." She didn't even say "ass." She literally just said "a." "A-hole." And "hole" was bleeped!! Wow. Now I'm waiting to see what happens if someone says "manhole."

Veronica Mars is cancelled! Or maybe not! Yesterday, E! Online, and, following their lead, TV Squad, both reported that Veronica had been cancelled. Then they changed their minds a short while later. Right now, they're saying not cancelled, but not looking good. Apparently, there's a retooling of the show being floated around, which might help the show get renewed, but would change the show almost completely. The options, according to these dubious internet news sources, are now as follows:

1) The show comes back for a fourth season, but it jumps forward four years, to when Veronica has become an FBI agent (or is in training at the FBI Academy), which would mean pretty much the entire current supporting cast is jettisoned.
2) The show continues with Veronica at Hearst College.
3) The show is cancelled.

I'd be disappointed, but not surprised, if they went with option 3. But at least the show has had a fair run. Much like Arrested Development, if you give the audience three years of quality programming, and they still decide they'd rather watch competitive hot dog eating, well, they ain't never gonna tune in. It's kind of hard to justify a fourth year to even the most patient of network executives.

And, hey, nice responses on my List of the Week. It took a surprisingly long time for me to finish, and is bigger, I think, than any entry I've ever posted here before. So -- keep those comments coming!

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