Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Hangover Day!

I hope all of you had a fine St. Patrick's Day yesterday, and a restful Hangover Day today. Hangover Day, as you know, is an American holiday which occurs four times a year: the day after New Year's Eve, the day after the Super Bowl, the day after St. Patrick's Day, and the day after your birthday. Traditional celebrations include sleeping very late, lying very still, cursing the phone for ringing so loud, and swearing you will never, ever do that again. And if possible, watching golf, as it is the only thing on TV that won't hurt your head.

How much did I drink last night? I sang "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" on karaoke. That much.

Small amount of pop culture content: I finally watched an episode of Fox's new sitcom, The Winner, and I wish I hadn't. I think star Rob Corddry is a very funny man, but this is a very not-funny show. It's a little sad; you can tell Corddry knows he's in a hopeless mess. You can see it in his eyes. He's like a rat in a trap. At least Katey Sagal was guest starring in this episode, to ease the pain somewhat. She's dead sexy, she is.

Oh, and did I mention the laugh track? It's oppressive. It's so brazen and insistent and relentless, and, most of all, so very, very wrong. You're wrong, laugh track! That was not funny! Bad laugh track!!

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