Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hello again.

Regular posting continues to elude me, and that's unlikely to change for at least another week. For the sake of having something new on the site, here are a few things I have been enjoying recently.

Truth, Justin, and the American Way: A comic written by PvP's Scott Kurtz, Aaron Williams of Nodwick and PS238, and with fantastically entertaining art by newcomer Giuseppe Ferrario. Here's a seven-page preview. It's a humor book about an average joe who accidentally comes into possession of a super-powered costume. Very much like The Greatest American Hero. In fact, the whole comic is a tribute to the great and cheesy world of '70s and '80s TV, packed with references and sight gags that send me into a joyous pop culture delirium. This comic couldn't be more perfectly suited for me. I mean, I actually own the DVDs of Greatest American Hero, for crying out loud! And the main character's girlfriend is named Bailey Smithers -- which of course is a tribute to current Object Of My Affection Jan Smithers, WKRP's Bailey (note to self: I should really get around to updating that sidebar again). Come on!! That's genius. I loved the first issue of this book. I only wish I had thought of it first.

Deal or No Deal: It's SO STUPID. I don't TiVo it. I don't intentionally seek it out in any way. And yet, if it's on, I'm riveted. Why? Why do I care? I don't get it. It's just a bunch of way too enthusiastic idiots picking numbers between 1 and 26. But there I am, shouting "No deal" at my TV. I'm an imbecile. At least I haven't started memorizing the names of the models who hold the briefcases yet. That would be sad.

Wonder Showzen: The second season started a couple weeks ago, and it's every bit as vile, brain-damaging, and completely wonderful as the first. This is a show that dresses up a kid as "Li'l Dead Pope" and makes him ask and say awful things to people in front of a Catholic church ("The Pope should go to Hell for promoting a corrupt system. High five!"). This is a show in which a puppet offers his "lunch," which is a baby (played by an actual baby), to evil demons in exchange for becoming cool. This show is very, very wrong. And also hilarious.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: I actually fell asleep in the first hour, before Jesus lion showed up, but I enjoyed what I saw. Are the remaining eight hours any good?

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