Thursday, April 06, 2006

COMICS: Moon Knight

WARNING: Extremely specific comic nerd reference ahead.

How bad did I think the writing in the new Moon Knight #1 was?

"Rise above it all" bad.

And as for the art: do people really think this Finch guy is a good artist? He must be a good artist in the way Todd McFarlane (after he became TODD MCFARLANE!!) was a good artist. "If I make Spawn's cape 60 feet long, that means I'm ten times better than an artist who only makes it 6 feet long!" "If I put 8,000 wrinkles in the peak of Moon Knight's cowl, maybe people will think his grotesquely hyper-muscled and over-rendered-to-the-point-of-looking-like-he's-covered-with-crags-and-crevices body is normal." Adding a jillion unnecessary lines of detail doesn't make for good art.

Yeah, I did not like this comic.

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