Thursday, January 12, 2006

TV: Four Kings

I've decided I'm not going to try to watch every single new midseason network show the way I did every single new Fall season network show. Mainly because I don't wanna. I don't wanna watch inJustice (as it's spelled on the commercials, and which is an obnoxiously irritating title), even if it does have Kyle MacLachlan and Constance Zimmer. And I don't wanna watch The Book of Daniel. I watched about five minutes of the two hour pilot, and quickly got sick of it. Ooh, look, we're so quirky and edgy!! Whatever. I just wanted to punch the daughter in her stupid head.

So instead, I watched Four Kings. Yeah, silly me. Look, I was just so happy that NBC had finally gone back to their traditional 8-10 PM four sitcom line-up on Thursday night that I wanted to check out the whole two hours. Here's what I found: Will & Grace is way past its prime. My Name Is Earl and The Office are the best hour of comedy on television. And then there's Four Kings.

Surely Seth Green had better offers than this. Wouldn't you think? He's not a huge star, but he's got a reliable enough following that he could've swung himself a better show that this. Well, maybe not. Too bad. He's the only thing even slightly funny about this show. And he ain't that funny.

The premise is: four guys decide to dump their girlfriends so they can all move in together into one of the guys' dead grandmother's apartment, and act like idiots instead of adults. Charming.

The lead characters are all bland and uninteresting, and the humor is obvious and juvenile. The line "Bros before hos" is used, which should give you an idea of where they're setting the bar on this show. And one of the main actors is from Committed, which should have tipped me off right from the start; that show was a vile, pustulent blight on the television landscape, and no one involved with it should ever be allowed to work in the entertainment industry ever again. Like, not even making balloon animals.

NBC made the right decision, returning to its classic "Must See" two-hour comedy formula on Thursday (and removing Joey from the mix). Unfortunately, only one of those hours is watchable, let alone "Must See" quality. They need to develop some more comedy ASAP.

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