Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Half of them didn't hate it!

A commercial for Casanova tonight reminded me once again of my eternal nitpick with movie ads that use quotes from critics: why, why, why do so many of them insist on boasting about one thumb up?

"Big Thumbs Up!" trumpets this Casanova commercial, attributing it to Richard Roeper. Hmm, so Roeper liked it. But, gee... I wonder what Ebert thought of it?

Idiots! Are they not aware what a single thumb up translates to for the typical home viewer? "The Other Guy Hated It!"

Seriously, unless you get the two thumbs up, don't bother. Just, just don't bother. It's pathetic. You might just as well say, "50% of the critics polled didn't think this film sucked ass! Whoopee!!"

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