Monday, June 26, 2006

META: Happy blogiversary to me

Say, did you know today marks the second anniversary of my blogging at Tom the Dog's You Know What I Like? It's true. Check the date.

Two years. Holy crow. That's longer than 45% of all marriages in America (an absolutely true statistic that I just made up).

Some things have changed since the beginning. I no longer devote certain days of the week to certain topics; now, I just kind of write about whatever I'm thinking about at the time. Which seems to be working okay. Also, no matter how hard I try, or how strong my resolve is, I've never been able to stick to a post-a-day schedule. Not counting this one, in two years I've made 664 posts (which makes the next one Satan's post!) out of 730 days. Not great, but not too shabby, either. As I say in the title bar above, I would make daily posts in a perfect world. And, as we can tell from Whoopi Goldberg's continuing ability to roam free, this is not a perfect world.

I've been particularly proud of some of my efforts here, especially running features like Minute-By-Minute At... or My Unfair Previews, which are permanently linked on the sidebar. Those are a great deal of fun, and seem to generate a significant amount of traffic and comments, so it's a win-win. Also on the sidebar, there's my Herculean coverage of the Fall 2005 TV season, which, as much as I swore I would never again do, will probably be followed by my Herculean coverage of the Fall 2006 TV season. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the television. And there's my Weekly (kind of) Sidebar Updates -- especially the Object of My Affection feature (archived here) -- which tend to generate a lot of discussion. Which is partly why I wanted to start doing something like that: for your feedback. And partly, I just enjoy the brevity of noting what I'm currently into, without having to write a full review of each little thing.

Also, anytime I mention music, I seem to get a flood of comments. I should do that more often.

So what is my goal for the coming year? The big time, baby. I've been a slave to pop culture for most of my life, and I've been blogging about it regularly for over three years now (counting my LiveJournal before starting this blog). And I need to accept: I'm pretty good at it. Especially the television stuff. That's right, haters! I like me, I really like me! I need to market my writing, is the bottom line. As crass as that sounds, I need to get paid for this. And I think I could. If I weren't so damn lazy about it. I think I could refine my writing enough to make, if not a living, at least a decent supplement to my income. Whether it's some no-circulation local paper, or whether it's an online gig, or whether it's Entertainment Frickin' Weekly, I need to convince somebody that I've got a humorous, and often brutally honest (maybe vicious?), take on pop culture that could find an audience. And should be compensated. Lavishly.

So: who wants to be the first to offer me a job? Don't be shy!

It's been a fun two years here, people. I love that there are a lot of faithful readers of this nonsense. I love that there is almost never a post with zero comments (zero comments make baby Jesus cry). Just to know one person read an entry and had something to say about it is extremely heartening. So thank you for that. Please, keep reading, and keep commenting, and in turn, I promise to keep praising and/or ripping on the things you love, the things you should love, the things you love to hate, and the things you should just plain hate (hint: Whoopi Goldberg).

As I said at my one year blogiversary: thanks to all of you for visiting over the past year, and here's to the year ahead. Sláinte!

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