Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Emergency Object of My Affection Post

So today I'm reading Logan's House of the Ded blog, as I am wont to do. And in reference to the DVD release of Hearts Afire, I see that Logan has made the following comment, and I quote:

Markie Post sucks.
Markie Post sucks? Markie Post sucks???

This Markie Post??

All praise to Markie


Our Markie, who art in heaven




Okay, okay, calm down, Tom, calm down. Maybe Logan didn't mean it. Maybe he was hit in the head with a crowbar and has suffered severe brain damage, which is about the only possible reason in the world I can imagine anyone ever saying anything as blasphemous as "MARKIE POST SUCKS"!!

GRRRRRR!! I need another shot of Markie to restore my calm.

Forgive him, Markie, for he knows not what he does

That's better.

I tell you what, Logan. I'm feeling in a generous mood. I will let you live. If -- and only if -- the glory that is Markie Post concurs. Markie? What say you?

Tough but fair

Sweet, terrible vengeance

Sorry, dude. I tried.

In light of recent events concerning Danish cartoons, I feel I must say: please, nobody actually kill Logan. Thank you.

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