Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sidebar Update

This week's Object of My Affection is Lindsay Lohan. That's right. Because of those Vanity Fair pictures (thank you, Sean). And you know what? So sue me. She's hot. And I'm only flesh and blood, people. Look at all those freckles. LOOK AT THEM!! Come on! I'm only human.

Still reading Terry Pratchett's Going Postal. It's the kind of book I should've finished in, like, half a day. I just hardly ever sit down and read anymore. I'll finish it by the next update, I promise.

I've been listening to Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, and it's about seven different kinds of brilliant. I love all his corny asides to the audience, and his habit of chuckling in the middle of songs. It's so raw and unpolished and pure. Great, great stuff.

After Greg recently posted about the James Bond movies, I decided to rewatch a few of them myself. I caught Goldfinger on AMC, I think it was, and I borrowed the Pierce Brosnan DVDs from a friend and have been watching those. GoldenEye may be my favorite Bond film -- it's in a virtual three-way tie with Goldfinger and On Her Majesty's Secret Service. (Special note to whoever all those Google hits keep coming from: you're not getting the results you're looking for because the man's name is Pierce Brosnan. Not Pierce Bronson, Einstein. Seriously, after a dozen searches, I'd expect you to check your spelling. But I guess I'd be wrong.)

And Hating takes off a second week in a row. This week, I'm Loving, instead. And what I'm loving is that today is the Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the Dog! And I was born in the Year of the Dog, too. How's that for a good omen for this blog in the coming year? Just call me Tom the Dog. (Note for those reading this on a feed: that image is all white. Check my actual blog if you want to see it.)

And the Lyric of the Week comes from "Come Join Us," by Bad Religion. It's a fierce little song about groupthink and anti-intellectualism, written about a decade before Dubya took over and popularized both. "So you say you gotta know why the world goes around/And you can't find the truth in the things you've found/And you're scared shitless 'cause evil abounds/Come join us." Rock on.

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