Friday, October 12, 2007

What is a Jim?

I said I would post again later today about TV. Well, it's later, but I haven't got much to say.

--Women's Murder Club premieres tonight. Hope it doesn't suck. [EDIT: I'm midway through watching it. I wouldn't say "suck" -- yet -- but I wouldn't say I like it, either.]

--Still haven't watched Life Is Wild. Or this week's Dirty Sexy Money. I bet I watch the latter before the former.

--My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock, and The Office continue to be awesome. 30 Rock is shaping up into the new Arrested Development, what with all the callbacks to previous characters (yay, Dr. Spaceman!), incidents, and lines (loved Tracy's "mind grapes" reference). Oh, as well as Will "Gob" Arnett guest starring. But we haven't seen Rachel Dratch yet this season, have we?

--Re: The Office: I totally watch for the DVD screensaver box to hit exactly in the corner, too. I can identify with their excitement. Loved the quiet moments on the roof with Jim and Pam, counterpointing the zaniness of Michael's intentional-but-unintentional kidnapping of the pizza boy. And about time we saw Jim lapse back into pranking Dwight; the computer gaining sentience, spurring Dwight's competition with the internet site, was a classic, and Pam's final touch of having the computer cede superiority to Dwight, out of sympathy to his painful breakup with Angela, was a sweet touch. I always love it whenever Michael or Dwight prove their paper sales competence, despite their overwhelming everything-else incompetence. Dwight's triumph over the internet was another illustration of why these idiots continue to have jobs. Also, I wonder how far Andy's courting of Angela will go? Very promising plot thread. And what's the deal with Andy playing the lackey to Dwight? Even if he's just "biding his time" to destroy Dwight later, he's going pretty deep into the role.

--I keep forgetting to mention It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Last night's episode was hysterical, from Dennis' glam rock leotard, to Charlie's dyslexic-style lyrics sheet, which looks like a child's rebus puzzle, to Dee's romance with a possibly mentally challenged man (title of the episode: "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person"), to Charlie's disturbingly explicit, allegedly unintentional male rape-fantasy song (lyrics: "Every night you come into my room/And pin me down with your strong arms/You pin me down and I try and fight you/You come inside me, and fill me up/And I become the Night Man") -- so wrong, but so damn funny.

--Also loved tonight's installment of Avatar. Sokka episodes are always fun. (That's for the one or two of you readers who are also fans.) Seriously, the way this TV season is developing, I'm looking forward to these two cable shows more than almost any show on the major networks, new or returning. (My three favorite sitcoms, 30 Rock, The Office, and How I Met Your Mother, are the exceptions.)

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