Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ride the Tricycle

Last night's How I Met Your Mother was hilarious, the best of the season so far, involving Ted's efforts to close the deal on "riding the tricycle" with Danica McKellar (reprising her role from the first season's classic "Pineapple Incident" episode) and Busy Philipps, while his friends alternately try to help or "trike block" him. It had more of the quick quip-trading and frantic energy that generally make for good HIMYM episodes, and Barney was at his best, supremely confident and full of jealousy and doubt at the same time. That said, every check in on Robin's storyline brought things grinding to a halt. She's been more separated from the main group than a part of it for the first three episodes this season, and though it worked well in last week's episode, she needs to return to the fold. These characters work best in tandem with at least one other of the crew, not solo.

For an alternate version of the tricycle scenario, be sure to take a look at this bonus video from the CBS site (if it doesn't automatically load, click "How It Really Happened Part 3"). There's an ad to view first, but trust me, it's worth it.

Okay, people, what can I tell you: I really like The Big Bang Theory. I admit it. Anyone who wasn't sold on Sara Gilbert showing up as Johnny Galecki's co-worker/possible romantic interest, as though they were reprising the David/Darlene relationship from Roseanne... well, I guess you'll never be sold, because that was gold, baby! Hopefully Gilbert will return in the future. The show is still stronger, I think, when it's just the nerds quibbling amongst themselves, rather than dealing with Penny next door, but overall, this has become a very worthy sitcom. Hey, I'm as surprised as you are.

Heroes felt a little more like it was heading in the right direction -- or any direction -- with last night's "chapter," but it still mostly feels like it's treading water. We were close, so close, to Hiro's tedious Japanese adventure coming to an end -- before it had a chance to lumber to the predictable "Hiro becomes Kensei" close I've been dreading -- and then he has to go and change his mind and stick around some more. Grr. Guess we're still lumbering toward predictability. And I hope Claire's boyfriend with powers, West, turns out to be evil or something, because he's just an obnoxious waste of screentime otherwise.

I'm still enjoying Journeyman, especially all the beautiful S.F. location shoots -- hey, the Palace of Fine Arts! I love that place! Let's go to the Exploratorium! And I liked both the variation on Dan's time-traveling -- sticking with just one day, through several trips -- and the big quandary Dan faces once there: how in the world would you convince people there's an earthquake on the way? The show could use a bit more levity, but I'm happy with it. Too bad that, if you believe Yahoo!, it's one of the New Shows in Trouble.

Tonight's TV: Bones and House on Fox. I'm sticking with Bones for some reason, even though it's pretty mediocre. House, on the other hand, I'm loving; last week's job applicant competition was excellent, and tonight should be more of the same. I just hope Kal Penn makes the cut. That guy is great.

Also tonight: Reaper. And the small possibility that I will give Cavemen and Carpoolers a second chance. Maybe they can do more than their pilot episodes indicated. I doubt it, but maybe. And I've officially given up on Boston Legal. Again.

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