Monday, October 08, 2007

Quick TV Notes

Last night's TV:

--Family Guy and American Dad continue to be more amusing than The Simpsons and King of the Hill. That needs to be rectified.

--Three weeks into The Simpsons, and Homer has had (or pretended to have) three new jobs. Spin the story wheel a little harder so we get a new plot next week, okay, writers?

--King of the Hill has had three Bobby-heavy episodes in a row. That's like if Family Guy had three Meg episodes in a row, or Lost had three Claire episodes in a row. Bobby is the least interesting character! Give me a Dale episode!!

Tonight's TV:

At 8:00, I'll be taping How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, watching Aliens in America (but skipping Everybody Hates Chris), and again waiting until the weekend reairing to catch Chuck. Although... according to the Yahoo! TV info, looks like Chuck isn't scheduled to be reaired, on NBC or Bravo or anywhere. Oh well, if that's true, guess I'm done with Chuck.

Quick Chuck digression: I noticed in last week's episode that one of the secrets in Chuck's head is how Oceanic Flight 815 -- the plane from Lost -- crashed (according to him, it was shot down, which goes against the show's mythology). Pretty funny.

At 9:00 is Heroes. I think, after watching it last week, I'll be back to skipping Two and a Half Men again. Or hell, maybe I'll tape it. I could go either way. And at 10:00 is Journeyman, with the earthquake episode. Cool.

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