Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Like the toothpaste?

I did indeed watch Cavemen and Carpoolers again tonight. I'm a glutton for punishment. Neither of them is any good, still, but I find that, as opposed to my opinion last week, Carpoolers surpassed Cavemen in the second episode. Not by much, but there you go.

There were two particular bits I liked in Carpoolers:

--Using the OnStar system to ask for help figuring out the lyrics to "Come On Eileen." If you could actually do stuff like that, I would totally sign up for OnStar.

--Laird, pretending to be married with four children, challenged to name those kids: "Emma... Dasher... Luciano... and Colgate."

Also, the Marmaduke character continues to be funny in a very unsettling way. But few other laughs are to be found.

Cavemen suffered from a lack of Nick Swardson, whom I guess was only signed on for the pilot. Though having the awesome Carlos Jacott in his stead was a nice move. Sadly, nothing else about the episode could remotely be described as "awesome."

I have learned my lesson. No more of these shows, I promise. Also: fuck you, ABC, for your advertising campaign. "Make a Man Date"? What kind of idiocy is that? Do you really think that's going to work? Straight men are going to be irritated at best, repelled at worst, gay men, I have to presume, have better taste than to watch Cavemen and Carpoolers in the first place, no matter how you market them, and women, apparently, can just go to hell.

Speaking of hell... Reaper had another solid outing, but it's beginning to feel inessential. I like it, but I'm not feeling a need to tune in. It has to show me some capacity for growth and development. It's funny, sure, but it just isn't so funny I'm going to keep coming back out of blind devotion.

Bones and House are on tape to watch later. And I'm still trying to build up the will to watch and review Sunday's debut of Life Is Wild. I'm finding it hard to care, and I'm making a wild guess that none of you will care much, either. Sometime soon -- I did make a solemn oath, after all. (Well, not really.)

Tonight's TV: looking good. ABC has Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money, which are starting to gel as my two favorite new shows. And NBC has Life, which I also enjoy a lot. Additionally, NBC has Bionic Woman, which I seem to be sticking with only out of sheer stubbornness. It'll acquire quality any time now, I'm sure! (Well, not really.)

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