Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Also, James Spader just makes me tired

Very quick notes about Tuesday night's TV:

--If Boston Legal is trying to win me back with John Larroquette, then giving him exactly one (1) scene in this second episode, which doesn't even occur until the 40 minute mark, is not the right way to go about it. Is David E. Kelley bored with Larroquette already? I think I give up on this show again.

--Reaper's second episode was about as good as the first, but it needs to stretch a little more. I'd like to see it at least try not to be so formulaic.

--Cavemen was, to my surprise, not the worst sitcom of the season; it was actually better than its accompanying show, Carpoolers (which also was not the worst sitcom of the season). Still didn't like either of them all that much.

I'll be tied up on Wednesday, so I'll be back with full reviews of those two new shows, and more stuff, possibly not all of it TV-related, on Thursday.

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