Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall 2007 TV: Premiere Week, Saturday

The only thing I watched on Friday night was Moonlight, and as you can see from my review, I deeply regret that decision. My Big Shots review is still pending. Hope you haven't been on pins and needles with anticipation. I'll try to get to it early tomorrow. Let's just move on to Saturday of Premiere Week.

Saturday has nothing new worth mentioning. Okay, I'll mention some of it anyway.

CBS has reairings of Moonlight (NOOOO!!!), Cane, and a 48 Hours Mystery which may or may not be new.

NBC has reairings of Heroes, Chuck, and Law & Order: SVU.

The CW has a local special: KTLA Presents Planet LA, a celebration of the station's 60th anniversary. I was just at the KTLA Studios, for Merv Griffin's Crosswords. Maybe I'll watch some of this, just to see if they mention (and they had better) Tom Hatten, beloved host of the cartoon showcase Popeye and His Friends, as well as the Family Film Festival, for many of my childhood years. His show is where I first saw "George of the Jungle," "Super Chicken," and "Tom Slick," and I'll be forever grateful to him for that.

Fox has Cops and America's Most Wanted. Cops is now in its 20th season. Yikes.

ABC has the only new content of note, Saturday Night College Football. And it doesn't even air during prime time on the West Coast. Looks like it's Ohio State at Minnesota. I don't give a crap about that game, anyway. It's all about #6 Cal (GO CAL!) at #11 Oregon (boo, hiss). Barring some bizarre scheduling shenanigans, the Cal game should be on ABC at 12:30 Pacific, which will make it the first game I'll get to see on TV since opening weekend. It is going to be awesome. Hooray!

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