Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall 2007 TV: Premiere Week Wrap-Up

And here we are back on Sunday. Last Sunday, I kicked off my expanded coverage of TV's Premiere Week, with looks ahead at each network's schedule for each night of the week, and reviews of every new show (except the awful ones I allowed myself to skip).

I think I've written more entries, and more total words, on this blog during my Fall 2007 TV coverage than I ever have during a similar amount of time. Since September 19, I've written 25 entries specifically about television, totalling nearly 13,000 words (not counting this one, of course). It's been 19 entries and over 10,500 words just since last Sunday's Premiere Week post. Dang! I'm getting paid by the word, right?

Tonight will be my last look forward at the evening's programming (a little late for the Eastern half of the country, but oh well), though I'll still be reviewing each new show as it debuts -- there are plenty left, including Pushing Daisies and Viva Laughlin -- as well as keeping a running diary of what I'm watching, and how it's stacking up. I'm enjoying this weirdly prolific rhythm I've gotten into with all this writing. Let's see if I can keep going! And it's bringing in many new visitors -- my hits have been up from what I normally expect by 25-50% or more over the past ten days or so. And even better, many of these new people are leaving comments, which I love. Hope you keep coming back!

Also, allow me to note: GO CAL! Yesterday, the California Golden Bears defeated the Oregon Ducks on the road for the first time since 1987, the year before my Freshman year at Cal, by 31-24, in a real nailbiting, heart attack-inducing game. We are now #3 in the country, our highest ranking since 1952. Look out, Rose Bowl, here we come!

Here's a look at Sunday of Premiere Week. Again.

Right this second, NBC's Sunday Night Football is going on. It's a 0-0 tie in the second quarter. Yay.

Starting at 7:00, The CW offers CW Now, Online Nation, Gossip Girl, and America's Next Top Model. Four shows which not only have I never seen, I consider it a point of pride that I never will see them.

Fox has repeats of King of the Hill and The Simpsons at 7:00, followed by new episodes of Simpsons, King, Family Guy, and the season debut of American Dad, now in its fourth year. I actually like that show, but I'm still a bit surprised it's made it four years.

CBS has two hours of 60 Minutes, which should technically make it 120 Minutes. But then it would just be Matt Pinfield showing alternative music videos, which would beat the hell out of Andy Rooney. New episodes of Cold Case and Shark follow.

ABC is probably the big story tonight, with all season premieres. First up, a two-part, two-hour Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Next, the fourth season debut of Desperate Housewives, which I kind of want to watch, due to the addition of Nathan Fillion and former OoMA Dana Delany. Finally, Brothers & Sisters begins its second season. Another show I have no desire to watch.

No new series to review tonight, so I get a bit of a break. Thanks for following along with my TV addiction!

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