Monday, October 01, 2007

Two quick notes

#1. Who would've ever thought that Kevin Federline would turn out to be the responsible one: Britney Spears ordered to surrender custody of her children. I love how that little article lists every horrible, stupid thing Britney has done over the past year, then concludes by half-heartedly noting, "Spears' new album will be released Nov. 13." Oh, boy, can't wait!!! Surely that won't turn out to be another disaster!!!

#2. It's a new month, which means the voting at is reset. You can read my interview, and vote for my blog, right here, and I've added a convenient voting link on the sidebar as well. Hey, just a handful of votes is enough to put me in the top ten for at least a little while, and that's enough to get new eyes visiting this blog. Help a blogger out, and vote!

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