Monday, August 27, 2007

My Boys

I recently mentioned the TBS comedy My Boys, which I enjoy very much. Now I'm mentioning it again, because it keeps getting better.

The latest episode saw a mini-reunion, of sorts, for the much-maligned-but-really-pretty-darn-funny-if-you-gave-it-a-chance Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. Though they never shared a scene, both Ryan Reynolds (who played Berg on 2G1G&1PP -- you like how I abbreviated that?) and Jillian Bach (who played Berg's crazy girlfriend Irene) appeared in tonight's episode, which made me very happy.

What made me even happier was the capacity in which they appeared. The episode, titled "Douchebag in the City" (no, seriously), was spent viciously ripping on the shallow, superficial, and... well, douchebaggy types seen in Entourage (Reynolds' role) and Sex and the City (Bach's part).

Especially accurate and hilarious was the take-down of Sex and the City, and all its fake, obnoxious stereotypes posing as characters -- made even more delicious by the fact that My Boys' lead-out show? Reruns of Sex and the City. Oh, yes. Bite the hand that feeds you, baby!

My Boys is growing into one of my favorite sitcoms, cable or otherwise (not that there's a tremendous amount of competition these days, but still). It's getting sharper and funnier and just more affable in general, and the characters continue to grow on me, especially the adorable Jordana Spiro as P.J., and the equally adorable Jim Gaffigan as Andy (my favorite line tonight: "I like how you make verbs out of things. I think I'm going to sandwich after I sofa here for a bit"). Check it out.

See? Adorable!

If you're interested in catching up, you can watch every episode from this season here. (The latest episode gets posted either one or two weeks -- I'm not entirely sure -- after first airing.) Plus, bonus one or two minute webisodes set in Gaffigan's character's car can be found here: Andy's Car.

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