Tuesday, August 28, 2007


To the people in the comments for my last post expressing dislike for In-N-Out Burger:

Double Double!

I have to assume you are cuckoo bananas. Look at it. LOOK AT IT!!! The Double Double combo: nature's perfect meal. There does not exist a better fast food burger in the world. Make sure to get it Animal Style for extra heart attack flavor! You folks are either going to a very poorly run In-N-Out, or, as noted, you are cuckoo bananas. But I still love you.

To the people in the same comments thread who say they are going to check out My Boys based solely on my recommendation: please keep in mind I also defended Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place in the same post. Do not get your hopes too high, is what I'm saying.

I recently bought all five seasons of Babylon 5 on DVD -- Best Buy had a sale I couldn't pass up! Just finished watching the first season, which is very up and down in quality, I have to say, but which I mainly enjoyed due to all the hints and details being laid out that would pay off two, three, even four years down the road. (I've seen most of the entire series before, so I mostly know what's coming.) It's just amazing, the long-term planning that went into this show.

But here's one odd thing I noticed: there is not one single episode, out of the 22 in the first season, in which the entire opening credits cast appears together. The three main players -- Sinclair, Ivanova, and Garibaldi -- are in every episode. But in most episodes, three or four or more of the other characters are MIA. There is one episode -- the last of the season -- in which ten of the eleven members of the cast are present (Andrea Thompson's Talia is the odd one out). But that's as close as it gets. I wonder if there's any other TV show of which that could be said -- that an entire season went by without all the main cast showing up in an episode together.

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