Friday, March 09, 2007

Hey, that's me!

Check it out: I got mentioned on The A.V. Club site today! It's in their weekly "Ask the A.V. Club" column. I helped provide the answer to a stumper question from last week, regarding a car crash from an unknown movie. I was able to discover the film in question is Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. Here, in the A.V. Club's words, is how I came by my discovery:

Tom Collins, who also wrote in with the correct answer, explains that he first saw that climactic crash in the opening credits of Lee Majors' TV series The Fall Guy. Those credits, viewable here, alternated scenes from the show with movie stunts of the sort Majors' stuntman character theoretically helped create.
Ha! Once again, my obsessive TV-watching pays off! Or, no, wait, that should be "For the first time ever," not "Once again." But heck, all those hours of burning my eyeballs out staring at the tube were worth it just for this shining moment of fame and fortune. No, wait, check that again, that's "abject poverty and obscurity," not "fame and fortune." Close enough!

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