Tuesday, January 17, 2006

TV: Golden Globes: The Day After

Thanks to those of you who followed along with my semi-live coverage of the Golden Globes last night. And especially thanks to Ian, who helped me get through it, and had me in hysterics for much of the evening. My favorite single line of the night was Ian's "I get bored saying sentences." That just cracks me up. My favorite line from the comments on the post is one that refers back to my casting suggestion for Brokeback Mountain; the Hulk wrote to say, "Hulk wish Hulk could quit Rockman."

The final tally on my predictions, by the way, was 11-for-15. Not bad! [EDIT: Not as bad as 10-for-15, which, it turns out upon closer scrutiny, is my actual record. Counting makes my brain hurt.]

I'm glad all this Golden Globes stuff is behind me. Now to gear up for my even more insane coverage of the Oscars!

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