Friday, November 18, 2005

TV: Any excuse to post this photo again

What's wrong with California??

Found via Crocodile Caucus: Lisa Loeb, one of the first of my hopeless crushes to occupy the "Object of My Affection" space on my sidebar, is starring in a new reality series on E! about her re-entry into the dating scene. It's called #1 Single (cue trumpet blatt signaling corny pun: wah-waaaaahh!).

Okay, Lisa, the first step was to stop dating a guy named Dweezil, and I congratulate you on taking it. But if you're going to be building an entire TV show out of your search for your next fella, why did you have to set it in New York? Tom's right here in California, baby! Your next boyfriend is right here!!

Wrong coast! Wrong coast!! Why is all the good stuff on the wrong coast?!?

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