Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sidebar Update

With her Weekend Update co-anchor Tina Fey on maternity leave, Amy Poehler is pretty much the only reason to watch Saturday Night Live these days. She's smart, she's incredibly funny, she's fearless, and she's hot.

I've always heard how funny Dan Jenkins was, but had never read anything by him before. I figured Dead Solid Perfect was the proper starting place, and I seem to have been right so far. Hilarious stuff. But very pre-political correctness.

Haven't seen Goblet of Fire just yet, but I'll get to it sometime this weekend. It's playing at the theater two blocks from my house, after all.

I've been listening to American Idiot pretty much non-stop since the day I got it, and it still blows me away every time. It's easily the best album of the new millennium. Of course, I don't listen to a lot of new music anymore... but that doesn't mean I'm wrong!

And it's only appropriate that I listen to a Berkeley band today, since it's Big Game day! Upright and heroic Cal vs. the wretched villainy of Stanford. BOO STANFORD!! We hate Stanford! Did you know that Stanford University harbors no less than five Nazi war criminals? Did you know that Stanford football players can only get sexually aroused by strangling puppies and kitties? It's true! HATE THEM!!!

And the lyric of the week, from the American Idiot album, of course, is especially relevant, what with this city actually burning and all. As Mike mentioned yesterday, those fires in Southern California you were hearing about? Yeah, they were right on top of us, in lovely downtown Ventura. Me more so than him. It's a very unsettling feeling, standing outside your place of business and watching several fires sweeping down the brush on the hill at the end of your street. But never fear, the trusty fire copters doused the flames long before they were any real threat. To me, at least. Hopefully everyone else in the city was just as fortunate.

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