Saturday, November 05, 2005

If it's Saturday, it must be a sidebar update

No inspiration today for anything other than a sidebar update. And that's already time consuming enough by itself. So back off, would you??

Yes, I picked two women as the Object(s) of My Affection. I can do that. Watching Emily on a TiVoed episode of Bones, and Zooey in my DVD of Elf -- well, how could I pick one over the other? I could not, and did not. Man, one of these days I have to get down to L.A. to catch Zooey's cabaret act, If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies. She performs jazz standards with her partner (Samantha Shelton, another actress). And she plays ukulele! That, I have got to see.

I wish I had appreciated Warren Zevon more while he was alive. What a crazy, unique talent he was.

And I'm finally getting around to finishing The Thin Man, which Dorian gave me as a birthday gift back in August. I'm a slow reader. And easily distracted. Ooh, something shiny!

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